Open Clinica converter

This python module reads a CSV (converted from XLS) CRF from the Open Clinica format and create a JSON representation compatible with the jquery.dform() method.
Used in an HTML page it will render the form seamlessly. Perfect for being used with MongoDB and other NoSQL databases.
 git clone

GoogleFit Cordova Plugin

This plugin is a proof of concept for a plugin for connecting to GoogleFit from Cordova.
You can clone it from GitHub.
 git clone
This one here was recently created for storing/reading data from GoogleFit and it attempts to make it compatible with Apple HealthKit, use this one in case you need to do more than just read activity data from GoogleFit.

Telegram Blood Pressure Bot

This plugin is a proof of concept for a Telegram Bot that is able to store and preserve the history of blood pressure data provided to it.
The bot is able to also generate graphs for the user.
You can test it by adding `bphomebot` to your telegram contacts. You can clone the project from GitHub.
 git clone


Some stuff done out of P5js, a JavaScript library that starts with the original goal of Processing.



Sierpinski triangle

Sierpinski curve

Koch curve

Koch 2d snowflake

Dragon curve

Pythagoras tree

Poisson sampling