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I am a group product manager at Genomics England with 10+ years of experience in digital health and machine learning (AI). Ex-academic at the University of Oxford with a PhD in Signals and Biometrics, I am motivated by achieving large-scale impact and transforming healthcare delivery. I have applied my knowledge and skills to create innovative products that offer clear, tangible benefits to clinicians and patients. I crave user and stakeholder engagement and love to distil clinical knowledge into great products and opportunities for innovation.

I am a recovering academic: ORCID


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You can find my up-to-date list of publications on my Google scholar profile

My Erdős number is 5
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I have participated, designed, or led 30+ projects, 10+ of which randomised controlled trials (RCT) in clinical settings and within certified (EU, UKCA) environments.

I consulted for several institutions (Italy, UK, France) and, I still do for digital health, system integration, ML and analytics.